Paclitaxel-induced epithelial damage and ectopic MMP-13 expression promotes neurotoxicity in zebrafish
Thomas S Lisse, Leah J Middleton, Adriana D Pellegrini, Paige B Martin, Emily L Spaulding, Olivia Lopes, Elizabeth A Brochu, Erin V Carter, Ashley Waldron, Sandra Rieger
PNAS 2016 ; published ahead of print March 28, 2016, doi:10.1073/pnas.1525096113

Comparative transcriptomic profiling of hydrogen peroxide signaling networks in zebrafish and human keratinocytes: Implications toward conservation, migration and wound healing
TS Lisse, BL King, S Rieger
Sci Rep. 2016 Feb 5;6:20328. doi: 10.1038/srep20328

Capturing Tissue Repair in Zebrafish Larvae with Time-lapse Brightfield Stereomicroscopy
TS Lisse, EA Brochu, S Rieger
Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE 2015

The role of nuclear hormone receptors in cutaneous wound repair
S Rieger, H Zhao, P Martin, K Abe, TS Lisse
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Cloning of a functional 25‐hydroxyvitamin D‐1α‐hydroxylase in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
RF Chun, E Blatter, S Elliott, S Fitz‐Gibbon, S Rieger, A Sagasti, M Hewison
Cell biochemistry and function 32 (8), 675-682 1 2014

Vitamin D activation of functionally distinct regulatory miRNAs in primary human osteoblasts
TS Lisse, RF Chun, S Rieger, JS Adams, M Hewison
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Coordinate development of skin cells and cutaneous sensory axons in zebrafish
GS O’Brien, S Rieger, F Wang, GA Smolen, RE Gonzalez, JA Buchanan, … Journal of Comparative Neurology 520 (4), 816-831 12 2012

Time‐lapse imaging of neural development: Zebrafish lead the way into the fourth dimension
S Rieger, F Wang, A Sagasti
Genesis 49 (7), 534-545 8 2011

Hydrogen peroxide promotes injury-induced peripheral sensory axon regeneration in the zebrafish skin
S Rieger, A Sagasti
PLoS Biol 9 (5), e1000621 42 2011

Molecular Cloning of a Functional Zebrafish 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 1 alpha-Hydroxylase
RF Chun, E Blatter, S Rieger, A Sagasti, JS Adams, M Hewison
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Cadherin-2 controls directional chain migration of cerebellar granule neurons
S Rieger, N Senghaas, A Walch, RW Köster
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Two-photon axotomy and time-lapse confocal imaging in live zebrafish embryos
GS O’Brien, S Rieger, SM Martin, AM Cavanaugh, C Portera-Cailliau, …J Vis Exp 24 (1129.001), 10.3791 35 2009

Polysialyltransferase expression is linked to neuronal migration in the developing and adult zebrafish
S Rieger, K Volkmann, RW Köster
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The zebrafish cerebellar rhombic lip is spatially patterned in producing granule cell populations of different functional compartments
K Volkmann, S Rieger, A Babaryka, RW Köster

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Preparation of zebrafish embryos for transmission electron microscopy
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Quantum dots are powerful multipurpose vital labeling agents in zebrafish embryos
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Identification and validation of novel ERBB2 (HER2, NEU) targets including genes involved in angiogenesis
J Beckers, F Herrmann, S Rieger, AL Drobyshev, M Horsch, F Diel
International Journal of Cancer 114 (4), 590-597

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